Snacks & Kids

B.L.T Toast Bacon Toastie & Fries 72:-

Steak Sandwich Toastie & Fries

Beef Goulasch & Bread

Garlic Bread & Olives

Chicken Nuggets & Fries+Mayo 72:-

Plain Kids Burger & Fries + Mayo 72:-

Plain Fish n Chips + Mayo 72:-

Big Fries & Mayo 59:-

Nachos & Dips 72:-

Pub Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

with Fries, Peas & Tartare Sauce



Garlic Ghandhi Burger

home made soya burger with vegan coleslaw, salsa, fries, fresh garlic, cheese 135:-

Big Buddha Burger

home made soya burger with vegan coleslaw, salsa, fries, cheese 135:-

Vegetarian Quorn, Cheese & Onion Pie

w vegetables and fries 135:-

Vegan Fish & Chips made with Banana Plant 135:-

with fries, peas & vegan Tartare Sauce

Sweet Potatoe & Coconut medium spiced curry 135:-

Madras spicy vegan curry135:-

Spicy Chilli Sin Carne 135-

with Rice and a few fries

Q.L.T Quorn & Tomatoe Toastie w few fries 72:-

Quorn Nuggets & Fries + Mayo 72:-

Big Boris Burger (200g)

w Cheese, Fries, Salsa & Colesaw 135:-

Trump Towers Burger

2 x 200g w cheese, Fries, Salsa & Coleslaw 165:-

Garlic Gorbachev Burger

200g w cheese, fresh garic, Fries, Salsa & Coleslaw 135:-


Spicy Indian


Spicy Madras Curry 

with Rice and a few Fries 135:-

Sweet Potatoe & Spinach Coconut Curry

Mild spiced with rice and a few fries 135:-

All currys can be made with Chicken, Beef, Fish or Vegan.

Spicy Chilli Con Carne 130:-

w Rice and a few Fries


Beef & Guiness Pie 

Beef chunks in a rich brown Stout Gravy w Fries & Vegetables 135:-

Irish Lamb Shanks Pie

Lamb off the bone in a brown gravy sauce w fries & vegetables 135:-

For a Gluten free option the pie can be served with no pastry top.